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On happy endings

My mother sent me a picnic basket full of old slides.  A leak at our house had damaged a storage box, but she said she had dried them out and they looked fine.  “Just send them to me,” I urged, “I’ll store them in the garage.”  I’ve recently become worried that my mother’s desire to […]

On a television show

I just watched the last episode of Friday Night Lights.  I started watching the show before I was engaged, before the man I love moved in, before we got married.  For someone who didn’t have a lot of positive examples of what a healthy marriage looked like growing up, the marriage between the characters of […]

On our first anniversary

During my reading this week, I came across the last lines of John Donne’s poem “The Anniversary”: True and false fears let us refrain, Let us love nobly, and live, and add again Years and years unto years, til we attain To write threescore: this is the second of our reign.

For better and for worse

A few days ago something very tragic happened: I was pregnant and we discovered we had unexpectedly lost the baby.  Today is our first wedding anniversary, and as you can imagine it suddenly wasn’t the 100% happy occasion that we had hoped it would be. We went back to our wedding location and today we […]

On the love story

So when people ask how my husband and I met, I used to feel a little embarrassed telling the story.  Not because we met in some awkward way–it’s a crazy story!–but because we didn’t.  We met, he asked me out, we started dating.  Not exactly epic.  I wasn’t backpacking through Tibet and there was this […]

On feeling proud

At dinner with my husband tonight I was suddenly aware of a new emotion: I felt proud.  Not proud of him, which has happened before.  I just found myself thinking that he is a good man and I am the woman who is lucky enough to be married to him.  That’s a good type of […]

On my wedding graduate post!

The lovely and wonderful Meg at A Practical Wedding does a series called “wedding graduate” posts where women who have gotten married write in about their wedding and what they learned–and today the post is from me!  A Practical Wedding is a very special thing.  Not only is it (in my opinion) the best wedding […]

On the wedding ceremony

I caught up with a friend today who I haven’t seen since the wedding and she said something that made me very happy.  She said how much she had liked our ceremony.  How it started unexpectedly (in a good way), how people leaned forward to listen and how she noticed that, as it progressed, people started […]

On my wedding

I have now been married for over a month, and I thought I would make a few statements about our wedding: 1) It was worth every penny we spent on it.  Looking back on our wedding the next day I felt nothing but deep satisfaction.  As someone who has been involved in a number of […]

On why I am feeling bad

After my last very happy post, I am now feeling bad.  For some reason, I was very nervous about picking up my dress from the bridal store.  I guess I felt that when I tried it on, that would be it–because the wedding is next week. (!)  No time for crash diets, major surgery, a […]