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On happy endings

My mother sent me a picnic basket full of old slides.  A leak at our house had damaged a storage box, but she said she had dried them out and they looked fine.  “Just send them to me,” I urged, “I’ll store them in the garage.”  I’ve recently become worried that my mother’s desire to […]

On the flowers outside

I have fought a long war with my mother over boundary issues.  When I had my apartment in LA, sometime I’d come home and find different curtains on the windows.  It took years to make my mother understand that this was not cool: my apartment, not her apartment.  And here in my new space, I […]

On his mother’s unexpected visit

We came up with a game plan: dinner with her and my mom Saturday when I got home, look at hotels on Sunday.  But my plane got delayed and I was so exhausted from the trip, I knew I would never make dinner.  So on Sunday we all had breakfast—and it was fun! And then […]

And then his mother called, part 2

I’m out of town on work-related business and the man I love calls.  He’s freaked.  He just heard from his mother and she is on the road driving down to LA for the weekend to book the wedding hotel and rehearsal dinner.  !!  I don’t usually break out the abbreviations, but WTF!!  First of all, […]

On how my mom came through

The man I love and I made dinner for my mom to talk about wedding stuff.  I was hoping after the wine, his grandmother’s brisket, and the brownie she would be in a good mood and benevolently pledge $250 for flowers.  After dinner, though, she looked like she was about to fall asleep.  I had […]

On his cute parents

The man I love’s mother called this morning.  After a little chat, she let slip the fact that his dad has started watching wedding shows.  Apparently, he occasionally calls out to her that “she has to come see this!” and she tells him that she is busy and can’t.  But she admitted she had watched […]

On partnership

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about partnership.  It is time to refinance the house, and the long and short of it is that I have a choice: I can do a loan modification by myself or I can refinance—with the man I love.  It seems that I don’t make enough money to refinance […]

On breaking your family

A dear friend confided in me that one of her wedding goals was to make her—normally unemotional, somewhat reserved—mother cry.  She did.  We have a talked a bit about this—we have very similar mothers—and I am going for it.  Perhaps I will try and break both mothers!  Insert evil laugh here.

And then his mother called

The man I love’s mother checked out the place in Burbank online.  She called, outraged at the prices.  She’s done salmon dinner for 100 in her house in Cincinnati for $1,200!  How could we even think about spending that much!  She made a few suggestions: cut our guest list in half, no one needs appetizers, […]

On his mother’s imaginary wedding

So his mother has found us the place we should get married.  This is, unfortunately, not the place we are currently thinking that we should get married.  It looks good, sure.  And she made many lengthy compelling arguments as to why it would be good.  I’m considering it.  The only problem is, she seems quite […]