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On happy endings

My mother sent me a picnic basket full of old slides.  A leak at our house had damaged a storage box, but she said she had dried them out and they looked fine.  “Just send them to me,” I urged, “I’ll store them in the garage.”  I’ve recently become worried that my mother’s desire to […]

On a television show

I just watched the last episode of Friday Night Lights.  I started watching the show before I was engaged, before the man I love moved in, before we got married.  For someone who didn’t have a lot of positive examples of what a healthy marriage looked like growing up, the marriage between the characters of […]

On what his brother said

I was at Sundance watching a film with the man I love’s brother, who is at school nearby.  We talked a little about the wedding during dinner–he’s a groomsman–and the film we saw was, funnily enough, about a wedding as well.  He leaned over to me during one scene featuring the bridal party in attractive, […]

On unexpected family wedding traditions

My finance’s mother just told him there was something he needed to do for the wedding.  He wasn’t expecting this certain demand; neither of us saw this coming.  Without getting into specifics, let’s just say she told him he had to make a certain choice when he was planning to make another.  But she did […]