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On happy endings

My mother sent me a picnic basket full of old slides.  A leak at our house had damaged a storage box, but she said she had dried them out and they looked fine.  “Just send them to me,” I urged, “I’ll store them in the garage.”  I’ve recently become worried that my mother’s desire to […]

On having been divorced

Given what the divorce rate is here in the U.S., I doubt I am the only would-be bride with an ex-husband in the closet.  Yet, when I started reading wedding blogs, I didn’t see too much on ex-husbands.  Frankly, I didn’t see a lot on exes at all.  And that makes sense!  If you’re in […]

Why I wanted to start this particular blog

This is a bit hard to say, but I have been married before.  And, yes, it didn’t work.  I got divorced, something that I was hoping never to do.  I am very lucky, in that my ex-husband is still a friend and still family.  I love him.  But we failed to sustain our marriage.  No […]