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On happy endings

My mother sent me a picnic basket full of old slides.  A leak at our house had damaged a storage box, but she said she had dried them out and they looked fine.  “Just send them to me,” I urged, “I’ll store them in the garage.”  I’ve recently become worried that my mother’s desire to […]

On a television show

I just watched the last episode of Friday Night Lights.  I started watching the show before I was engaged, before the man I love moved in, before we got married.  For someone who didn’t have a lot of positive examples of what a healthy marriage looked like growing up, the marriage between the characters of […]

For better and for worse

A few days ago something very tragic happened: I was pregnant and we discovered we had unexpectedly lost the baby.  Today is our first wedding anniversary, and as you can imagine it suddenly wasn’t the 100% happy occasion that we had hoped it would be. We went back to our wedding location and today we […]

On only being called Mrs.

After this whole garter toss situation, I had a bit of a panic.  If he is pro-ring pillow AND pro-garter toss, who knows that other “traditional” wedding stuff he thinks is important?  Eeeeek!  So I asked him, if we did get married, he doesn’t want me to change my name, does he?  He does not.  […]

On what a wedding should accomplish, really

If the wedding does what it is supposed to do, at the end of the event two people will end up married.  That’s pretty much it.  But let’s face it, that can’t be it, or people would just go off and do it and people wouldn’t be spending cars of money on this one event.  […]

For Richer or Poorer, in Sickness and in Health

Am I the only one who thinks marriage is scary?  Most of the fictional examples of marriages you see around don’t look so good—one particularly brutal episode of Mad Men and I am under the bed.  And when I look at real marriages around me, I also get worried.  Perhaps this is because married friends […]

The happiest day of your life?

Back when I was in school, I had a very eye-opening conversation with a friend whose wedding I had been in.  Someone asked her about her wedding pictures, and there was a short silence.  Suddenly, she blurted out that she couldn’t look at them.  She said, Can I just confess that my wedding day was […]

On wedding traditions

Ah, charming wedding traditions: click here. How unfortunate that so many of them involve the bride being kidnapped, bought, or mastered!   I do like the origins of the bridal shower.  I have an image of large and pointy gifts raining down on a modern day bride.  Ka-pow!   First toaster or jar of lotion and […]

On the History of Marriage

When I was in grad school, I took a law and literature class on the legal history of marriage.  We read books like Bleak House—it was cool.  However, the legal history of marriage scared the pants off me.  You may be familiar with the ideal of ladies being married off to join together two families, […]