On why I am feeling bad

After my last very happy post, I am now feeling bad.  For some reason, I was very nervous about picking up my dress from the bridal store.  I guess I felt that when I tried it on, that would be it–because the wedding is next week. (!)  No time for crash diets, major surgery, a major make-over, just me, pretty much how I will look on my wedding day.  And I was feeling worried about that.

So after I tried it on, I turned to the woman who zipped me up and said, completely insecurely, “Is it ok?”  She asked me when my wedding was and then imparted some advice, “Don’t eat for the next week.”  I was sort of stunned.  “You think?”  I asked.  She nodded sagely, “Just drink water.”

Needless to say, I will not just be drinking water for the next week.  But all my fears about not being lovely enough were unfortunately confirmed by a (I truly believe!) well-intentioned lady in alterations.  I have been trying to do all the right things; I guess she just felt I could do more.  I never expected to look like a glamourous princess on my wedding day; I was however hoping for very pretty.  Perhaps after a good nights sleep I will feel the rage towards this poor lady and admire myself in the mirror for hours, but today it is not so good.

P.S. I should add that many of my friends and fiance threatened to go beat up this lady and assured me that I would look beautiful wearing a sack.  Which is why great friends and marrying the man you love is the best measure of wedding success I can think of.

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