On my wedding

I have now been married for over a month, and I thought I would make a few statements about our wedding:

1) It was worth every penny we spent on it.  Looking back on our wedding the next day I felt nothing but deep satisfaction.  As someone who has been involved in a number of productions and always feels that things could have turned out better, this is quite (delightfully) out of character.

2) It was lovely and every thing went smoothly.  It wasn’t hot.  We had plenty of alcohol.  People smiled.  The speeches were touching and everyone seemed to like everything: the food, the DJ, the flowers, the location.  Even my dress.  My mom looked genuinely happy.  The owner of our venue told me that if I ever wanted a different line of work, I could become a event coordinator.  A flattering and terrifying thought.

3) It’s really true what they say.  I was in a total daze.  I barely heard all the beautiful words of our officiant because I was struggling to take it all in.  It truly was like I was up in the clouds and I just touched down occasionally, not necessarily at the moments you would think: oh look, they are giving me a salad!  And then I went back up into dazed bridey-bride land.

4) I married the man I love.  There is one photo (even the pictures came out great!) of him smiling a me during the ceremony.  I carry this image in my heart, right next to memory of standing up there with him looking at him and not registering much else of anything.  We got married, and it was swell.

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